Adopt-A-Street sign. Sacramento County’s “Adopt-A-Street” program helps address community issues that most people are concerned about – littering and cleaner streets. This program includes Department of Transportation staff working with volunteers (individuals, organizations or businesses) to collect litter and cleanup sections of unincorporated area roadways. The Adopt-A-Street program provides volunteers with an opportunity to do something positive for the community and the County with another resource to help keep streets cleaner.

Community benefits of the Adopt-A-Street program include; Cleaner streets and neighborhoods, increased neighborhood pride and property value, people litter less in clean neighborhoods, volunteers picking up litter enables the County to cleanup other streets more frequently.

Volunteer organizations will be expected to:

  • Clean-up crew.Agree to pick up litter 4 times per year, along streets that may be as much as the volunteer organization can control, but no less then 1/2 mile long.
  • Schedule cleanup dates with volunteers.
  • Distribute safety equipment and trash bags.
  • Monitor volunteers during cleanup events.
  • Return an Event Completion Form and Hold Harmless Agreement by mail, web form, fax, or email after each event.

SACDOT coordinates the overall program and is responsible for:

  • Providing safety equipment and trash bags.
  • Safety meetings for volunteers.
  • Installation of “Adopt-A-Street” signs recognizing volunteer organizations.
  • Pickup and disposal of collected litter and other items after the events.

Community Recognition

Clean-up crew.An important aspect of the program is recognition for community organizations that donate their time and effort to adopt streets and clean them up. To show its appreciation the County will provide two Adopt-A-Street signs, one at each end of the adopted section to show the organization is working. Signs will display the organizations name and logo.

Additional Information 

For additional information regarding the Adopt-A-Street program:

Call 311 or 875-4311 or send an email to