Maintenance and Operations

The Division is responsible for providing a well maintained system of roadways and bridges for the unincorporated area -- which is essential to the quality of life and economic health of the community. Responsibilities include roadway and bridge maintenance, traffic engineering and neighborhood traffic management, traffic signals (maintenance & operations), signs and markings, tree and landscape maintenance, street light maintenance, and pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk repair.

Lupe Rodriguez, Division Chief (

Traffic Engineering

Lu Li, Principal Civil Engineer, Traffic Engineering Manager (
Doug Maas: Sr. Transportation Engineer, Traffic Operations (
Sonia Hernandez, Sr. Transportation Engineer, Traffic Engineering (

Maintenance Support

Kamal Atwal: Principal Civil Engineer, Maintenance Support Manager (
Ken Wick: Sr. Civil Engineer, Maintenance Support (
Scott Urbanik, Senior Civil Engineer, Right-of-Way Management (​

Hardeep Sidhu: Sr. Civil Engineer, Right-of-Way Management (
Tim Stevens: Sr. Civil Engineer, Bridges, City Services, Street Lights/CSA1, Legal (
Bret Krieger: Sr. Landscape Architect, Landscape Contract (


Frank Rodriguez​: Sr. Highway Maintenance Manager (

Brian McWhorter: Highway Maintenance Manager, North Pavement and Drainage (
Tim Jones: Highway Maintenance Manager, South Pavement and Bridge Maintenance (
Jose Corona: Traffic Signal and Lighting Manager, Signals & Lighting (
Sean Kangas: Highway Maintenance Manager, Tree Section (

Phil Robinson: Traffic Signal and Marking Manager, Signs & Markings (​)

Nate Tracy, Safety Specialist, Safety and Training (tracyna@saccounty. go​v)