Entitlements and Plan Review

Our team is responsible for a variety of civil engineering work in connection with the review of development projects, primarily focused on plan review and conditions of approval (e.g. right of way dedications and civil improvements). This includes site plans, parking lots, driveway configuration, roadway, intersection, and traffic signal plans. 

All Submittals: trdplan@saccounty.gov 


Leslie Fung

Senior Civil Engineer


Development – Traffic Signal Policy 

Development Fees

Driveways, New or Proposed 

Fair Share/Cash in Lieu

Financing Districts and Impact Fee Programs (Administered by County Engineering-Special Districts)​

Gates (Vehicular) 

Improvement Standards 

Street Light Maintenance

  • ​Annexation Process: As a standard condition of development, a project may be required to annex into County Service Area No. 1 (CSA 1) to fund the full cost of operating and maintaining the street and safety lights for that development. This annexation process takes approximately four months and the applicants must contact County Engineering – Special Districts at (916) 874-6525 to initiate the process and to obtain information concerning costs.
  • CSA 1 Annexation Packet 

Tree Removal and Pruning Permits ​

Truck Route (STAA)

Trenching and Road Cut Moratorium​