Driveways, New or Proposed

Driveways serve as points of access to and from private properties to the County's public roadways.  Because each driveway represents a conflict point and is potentially disruptive to the flow of traffic, SACDOT must limit the number and spacing of driveways especially on our heavier travelled streets.

Most driveways are approved and constructed when abutting properties are developed or redeveloped.  The determination of the appropriate driveway locations is made either through entitlement review during the planning process or, if no entitlement action is required, during plan checking.  In all cases the Sacramento County Improvement Standards shall serve as the basis for driveway placement and design.  In developed areas, SACDOT reserves the right to close inappropriate driveways in an effort to make our congested corridors more efficient.

Some driveways are installed without property development or in some cases after a property has been developed.  If no site improvement plans are deemed necessary, such new driveways shall be constructed only after issuance of an Encroachment Permit.

Contact Information - New Driveways During Site Development:

Leslie Fung, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: (916) 876-5836

Kyle Hines, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: (916) 874-6760

Contact Information - New Driveways Through Encroachment Permit:

Hardeep Sidhu, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-875-5490