Street Light Maintenance

The Department of Transportation maintains street lights and safety lights in unincorporated Sacramento County. The maintenance, operation, and electrical cost of street and safety lighting is funded by County Service Area 1 (CSA 1). Through​ CSA 1, property owners are assessed a direct levy on their annual property tax bill to maintain the lights. CSA 1 provides funding for over 24,500 County maintained, and 1,650 Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD) maintained, street lights and safety lights in unincorporated Sacramento County.

Maintenance Activities

Maintenance activities consist of repair of electrical wiring and light fixtures, replacement of burned-out lamps, repair and replacement of damaged equipment caused by auto accidents and vandalism, and marking the location of underground electrical conduits for the Underground Service Alert (USA) program.

Contact Information

To report dark or malfunctioning lights, please:  

Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at www.311.sacco​

If possible, when reporting a problem have the pole number or property address available. The pole number can be found on a sticker approximately 8 feet high, usually on the traffic side of the pole.