Fair Share Fee Reporting

​What Is This Program?

The purpose of the Sacramento County Transportation Fair Share Fee Program (FSFP) is to provide an avenue for land developers to fulfill partial offsite public street improvement obligations without performing construction. Fair share payment requirements are typically imposed as mitigation measures to address cumulative impacts through the environmental review process, or conditions of approval to address projected deficiencies in roadway performance, based on General Plan standards.

These fair share funds are held in County accounts and allocated to specific transportation projects to complete the required improvements when future funding becomes available. Future funding may include additional fair share payments, Sacramento County Transportation Development Fee (SCTDF), County Measure A Sales Tax, State Gas Tax, various plan area fee programs, and State or Federal Funding or Grant Programs.


Contact Information
Kyle Hines, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-6760
Email: hinesk@saccounty.net