Improvement Standards

Sacramento County Improvement Standards provide the requirements and standards that are to be applied to facilities proposed to be constructed within public rights-of-way within the unincorporated area.  The Improvement Standards serve to regulate and guide the design and preparation of plans for streets, major roadways, drainage facilities, sewerage, traffic signals, street lighting, water supply facilities, landscaping and related public improvements. 

The portions of County Improvement Standards that are most relevant to the focus of the Department of Transportation are Chapter 4, "Streets" and Chapter 5, "Street Light Design". 

Street Improvement Standards - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the Improvement Standards is focused on street standards.  Streets in Sacramento County help to provide clean, safe and thriving neighborhoods and communities.  Streets are a key element in providing greater mobility for all modes of travel including walking and bicycling.  It is this vision of a save and efficient transportation system, that serves our citizens and commerce, which guides the implementation of the provisions contained in the County Improvement Standards.  Standards and requirements regarding roadways, sidewalks, bicycle lanes, traffic signs, traffic signals, and street trees can be found in this chapter.


Kyle Hines, Senior Civil Engineer
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Street Improvement Standards - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the Improvement Standards is focused on street lighting.  Street lighting helps to provide for safe inviting and walkable streets and communities.  Also included in this chapter are standard details associated with traffic signal facilities. 


Mike Meschi, Senior Civil Engineer
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