Gates (Vehicular)

Restricting site access through the use of gates -- whether electronically or manually controlled -- shall only be allowed upon approval by the appropriate fire district in accordance with Sacramento County Code: Emergency Access Gates and Barrier Standards.  SACDOT reviews such gate proposed submittals to verify proper gate set back(s) and appropriate off-street turnaround area(s).

All Gate Submittals shall provide the following information if applicable: 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete gate plan. All incomplete gate plans will be rejected. 

You must allow the SacDOT a minimum of 15 days for the SacDOT to process your Gate Submittals from the date it is received. Do not contact the SacDOT within the initial 15-day period to ask about the status of your G​ate Submittals. If you have not received any communication from the SacDOT after the initial 15-day period, you may contact 


Gate Submittal (SACDOT Review):


Please remember all emails must have GATE: [Street # Street Address] in the subject line or it may delay response.