Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

In April 2019, the Board of Supervisors approved the Sacramento Countywide ADA Transition Plan (ADA-TP).  A primary goal of the ADA is to ensure equal participation in public life for all Americans with disabilities. This ADA-TP update identifies improvements to be made in the unincorporated county to improve accessibility for everyone. These improvements can include county policies, programs, employment, access within county owned/leased facilities, and improved pedestrian accessibility along the unincorporated county roadway system.

The Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SacDOT) is committed to improving pedestrian accessibility on the sidewalks, street crossings, bus stops and other public right-of-way infrastructure along the many streets within the unincorporated county. This ADA-TP effort identifies an expansive inventory of such pedestrian related improvements that SacDOT will continue to address in the many years ahead. 

Any requests for accessibility improvements along the county roadways such as: curb ramps; sidewalk infill or sidewalk obstructions, pedestrian signals, bus stop boarding access, etc. can be made via the email address below. SacDOT will add the request to our special request lists, and those requests will be considered with our other countywide priorities when funding opportunities exist.

Contact Information​

Mikki McDaniel, Senior Planner
Phone: 916-875-4769