Bridge Maintenance

​It is the Department of Transportation's goal to "maintain bridges to 'as constructed' standards, and maintain the adjacent waterways to keep them clear of obstructions." To do this, Bridge Repair can be divided into three categories: Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Replacement.

Maintenance Activities Include:
  • Scheduled inspections of all moveable and stationary bridges and culverts.
  • Repair and Replacement of bridge railing, decks, approaches and substructures
  • Removal of Drift and Debris
  • Erosion protection
  • Moveable Bridge Operation and Maintenance
  • Guardrail and Retaining Wall Repair and Maintenance

Rehabilitation activities include stringer replacement, deck replacement, bridge painting, etc. Several annual contracts are described below:

  • Bridge Repair Project - The County typically has one bridge repair project annually. These types of projects are typically under $100,000.
  • Bridge Painting Project - The County typically has one bridge painting project annually.

Reconstruction is the complete reconstruction of the bridge structural section or replacement with a large capacity culvert. Examples include:

  • Bridge Replacement Project​ - The bridge replacement project involves removing the existing bridge and replacing it with a new concrete bridge or culvert, re-grading the existing channel, providing slope protection, replacing the existing road surface to match the existing surface, etc.
  • Culvert Replacement Project - At this time the County replaces culverts in-house or using a minor contract​

Contact Information​

Bridge Maintenance
For maintenance on or near bridges: 
Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at

Removal of flood debris from under bridge.  Bridge maintenance activity.

Bridge maintenance work using small boat. ​