Contract Landscape Maintenance


The CLM provides administration, inspection and directs landscape maintenance activities for high level landscape improvements located along roadway corridors in Sacramento County. The landscapes occur in medians, frontages and open space areas that have been improved due to development. These areas are for public use and beautification and are funded by the Road Fund, Other County Department, Assessment Districts and Community Finance Districts.

The following information will assist with identifying the maintained areas and provides SacDOT staff contact information to assist with resolving concerns 

Service Locations

Contact Information

Areas Maintained

For information about the scope of services provided or for areas 
maintained, see the above document or contract the Department staff:

Contract Landscape Maintenance, Department of Transportation
4100 Traffic Way, Sacramento, CA 95827
Phone: 916-875-5171

Bret Krieger, Associate Landscape Architect​
Phone:  916-875-5132


Brandon Ore, Assistant Landscape Architect
Phone:  916-875-4928


After Business Hours or Emergency Contact Information Related to Landscaped Areas

Call 311 or 875-4311 or send an email to www.311.s​


street median

field with fence