Fair Oaks Boulevard Improvements: Phase II (Landis Avenue to Shirley Avenue)

Project Description

The Phase II Fair Oaks Improvement project is the most substantial project to emerge to date from the Fair Oaks Boulevard Corridor Plan, and once completed will provide the roadway infrastructure needed for a portion of the Carmichael “main street” district.  A Phase III project is scheduled for construction startup in 2017.  

Phase II project improvements include: 

  • Bicycle lanes, landscaped median, and sidewalks, including separated sidewalk with landscaping along Fair Oaks Boulevard from Landis Avenue to Shirley Avenue.
  • Modification to the existing signals at the intersections of Fair Oaks Boulevard/Grant Avenue and Fair Oaks Boulevard/Engle Road.
  • A new traffic signal at the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Landis Avenue.
  • Installation of sidewalks on the south side of Grant Avenue adjacent to Carmichael Park.
  • Replacement of overhead utilities with underground facilities on Fair Oaks Boulevard within the project limits.
  • Install new signal interconnect to provide traffic congestion relief.

Project Schedule

  • Design: 2012 to 2013.
  • Environmental: 2012 to 2014.
  • Right of Way: 2012 to 2015.
  • Construction: 2015 to Spring 2017.

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Project construction costs are $6.5 million with funding provided by the Federal Regional Surface Transportation Program, the State Transportation Improvement Program, and development fees.

Contact Information

Stephen White, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-5354
Email:  whitest@saccounty.net

Keith Gotwalt, Associate Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-2818
Email: gotwaltk@saccounty.net