Local Roadway Safety Plan

Sacramento County has created a comprehensive Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP).  The LRSP provides a framework for identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing local roadway safety improvements within Sacramento County roadways. 

The LRSP represents the next step in Sacramento County’s continued commitment to transportation safety.  It provides a summary of key safety emphasis areas identified through stakeholder outreach and analysis of recent crash data.  The emphasis areas provide the framework for this document, with each one providing a focus for two additional elements:

  1. Quantitative goals that will be used to evaluate the success of the Plan.
  2. Associated strategies to help achieve those goals.

Ultimately, this Plan identifies high-level safety needs and strategies to address those needs, ensuring continued eligibility for State and Federal funding to implement safety projects throughout the County. Safety project prioritization and selection require further review of individual location or segment to analyze specific problems and their countermeasures, though this plan provides many of the tools and emphasis areas to help with any future effort.

You can find the LRSP here​ to learn more.​​