M and O By The Numbers

​You may notice them on the Road from time to time, but SacDOT Maintenance and Operations crews tackle thousands of miles of road repairs and maintenance issues each year to keep County roads safe.

Here's a look at their 2018 projects to date:

​Asphalt Overlay​35
​Bridge Maintenance ​14
​Ditch Cleaning​42
​Guard Rail Repair​8
​Litter Removal​577
​Roadside Mowing​4,100
​Sealing Road Cracks​50
​Shoulder Grading​15
​Striping Roads​2,750
​Weed Control​1,870
​Culvert Pipes Cleaned​500 pipes
​Culvert Replacements​15 locations
​Graffiti Abatement​129,500 square feet
​Homeless Camp Cleanups​342 locations
​Legends Installed or Replaced​6,766 sets

​Movable Bridge Operations (Allowing ships to pass)

​1209 openings
​Pavement Markers​63,000 placed
​Pothole Repairs​59,000
​Street Sign Maintenance​17,428 repairs
​Signal Service ​2,370 repairs
​Street Light Service​4,600 repairs
​Tree Removal​257 locations
​Tree Trimming​4,000 locations