Maintenance of Roadways

SACDOT’s Roadside Maintenance Program repairs and maintains miles of unpaved roadside shoulders, gravel roads, open ditches, fences/sound walls, steel guardrails, and walls.  These maintenance activities allow: storm water to readily exit the roadway; eliminate obstructions and restore ditches to their proper shape; support the road structure and limit drop-offs from the edge of the pavement; and, maintain safety and retaining structures in an as-built condition.

Roadside Maintenance Activities

Roadside maintenance activities include: ditch cleaning; roadside shoulder grading; inspection and cleaning of culverts and storm drain grates; grading gravel roads; and the repair, realignment or replacement of steel guardrails, fences, and walls.

Note:  Ditches that traverse private property are maintained by either the property owner or the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources. For a determination call 3-1-1.

Drainage Culverts

Drainage culverts are pipes or tubes that often run under driveways and move storm water between roadside ditches.  Roadside ditches with culverts are kept free of debris to assist the flow of storm water and irrigation run off.

Driveway culverts are private property.  SACDOT cannot provide cleaning service for substandard or damaged driveway culvert pipes.  Property owners are encouraged to cleanout driveway culverts on their property annually to keep drainage flowing.    

Note: Underground storm drainage systems that are connected by curbside drains and manholes are maintained by either the property owner or the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources.  For a determination call 916-875-RAIN.

Contact Information - Roadside Maintenance 

To request roadside maintenance or report problems on County roads including drainage culverts:

Call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at