Mileage of Maintained Roadways

The Sacramento County Department of Transportation (SACDOT) maintains approximately 2200 miles of roadway within the unincorporated area. The roads range from six lane thoroughfares to rural roads.

​Freeways and State highways are maintained by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Public roads in the incorporated cities (Citrus HeightsG​altElk GroveIsleton,​Rancho Cordova​ and Sacramento) are maintained by those cities. There are many miles of private roads that are maintained by the adjacent property owners.

New roads in the County are generally constructed by private developers and inspected by County forces to ensure that the new roads have been built to County standards.  After inspection is complete, the roads are accepted for maintenance by the County.  Accepted roads, as well as changes to existing roads are listed in the Sacramento County Maintained Road Index.  

View an alphabetized listing of County Maintained Roads, with start and end points, approximate length, and road numbers.

View an alphabetized partial listing of Non-Maintained and Private Roads. Note: ​This list includes just a small portion of the Non-Maintained roads in the County.

County Road 

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