Pavement Maintenance

Sacramento County's pavement maintenance program goals are to:

  • Maintain the road system in a safe and functional condition.
  • Perform preventative maintenance to streets to delay the need for more costly surface treatments.
  • Perform asphalt overlays to rehabilitate streets and extend street service life.
  • Keep Sacramento County's Pavement Management System (PMS) up-to-date in order to prioritize street maintenance, overlay, and slurry seal work.

Pavement Management System (PMS)

The County's Pavement Management System (PMS) assists staff in evaluating, tracking and ranking pavement conditions based on field inspections.  The frequency of roadway inspection ranges from annually to once every three years depending on the type of roadway (e.g., residential, thoroughfare, etc.).  

Detailed field inspections categorize and quantify pavement deficiencies such as cracks, patches, and utility trench cuts.  These deficiencies are entered into the PMS program that calculates a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for each roadway.  PCI values range from zero (very poor) to 100 (excellent).

Roadways receive periodic surface treatments that extend the roadway life and provide a new riding surface.  Surface treatments include asphalt overlays, slurry seals, and chip seals,  The type of surface treatment is based on the PCI, the type of roadway (urban, rural, residential, thoroughfare, etc.), the amount of traffic, the type of traffic (e.g., trucks, cars, etc.), and other engineering factors. 

Residential roadways are grouped together and paved as a neighborhood.  The paving schedule of residential neighborhoods is based on the average PCI of all the roadways in a particular neighborhood and available funding. 


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