South Watt Avenue Improvement Project

Project Description

The proposed project is the next critical step of improvements proposed for the South Watt Ave. corridor between Florin Rd. and Jackson Rd. (State Route-16), increasing the capacity of the road way from a two-lane facility to a four-lane facility with bicycle, pedestrian, and transit accommodations. The ultimate configuration of the corridor will incorporate additional capacity improvements, widening the four-lane facility to a six-lane road way with similar multimodal accommodations. 

The proposed 3-mile long project will:

  • Add 2 through traffic lanes
  • Add 6 miles of sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Create turn outs for future transit stops
  • Improve 5 signalized intersections
  • Replace the Morrison Creek Bridge

Project Benefits

The purpose of the South Watt Ave. Improvement Project is to: 

  • Reduce congested Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and reduce congestion
  • Provide long term economic benefit
  • Provide additional mode choices
  • Improve safety for all road users
  • Support planned infill
  • Secure right of way for the long-term needs of regional traffic
  • Protect water quality with modern storm water management practices

Project Report

South Watt Avenue Improvement Project Report

Environmental Documents

Project Schedule

Preliminary Design: 2018-2020
Final Design:  2021 - 2024
Right of Way Acquisition:  2021 - 2024
Construction:  2024-2026

Project Contact

Keith Gotwalt​, Sr Civil Engineer

(916) 874-2818​