Speed Limits

The Department of Transportation establishes speed limits for every section of roadway based on certain criteria.

"No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property." California Vehicle Code 22350.  

California Vehicle Code

In California, speed limits are governed by the California Vehicle Code (CVC), Sections 22348 through 22413.  Sacramento County roads have an un-posted maximum speed limit of 55 mph.  

All other speed limits are prima facie limits ("on the face of it") which are deemed reasonable and prudent under normal conditions.  Some examples include: 15 mph in alleys, blind intersections, and blind railroad crossings; 25 mph in business and residential districts.

Setting the Speed Limit

A safe and reasonable speed is set at or below the speed at which the 85th percentile of the traffic is traveling.  The 85th percentile is defined as the speed of the 15th highest vehicle from a survey sample of 100 vehicles.  Speeds exceeding the 85th percentile are generally considered to be unreasonable and unsafe.

FYI: Enforcement is one of the most effective ways to reduce speeding.  The risk of receiving a costly speeding ticket is a significant influence on driver behavior.  The California Highway Patrol is responsible for speed enforcement in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento Highway.

Posted Speed Limits in Sacramento County

To verify a posted speed limit for a particular segment of roadway, consult our online speed​ limit utility

Additional Information

For additional information concerning:

Speed Limit Sign Maintenance

Speed Limit Inquiries

Speed Surveys

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