Stop Signs

What are Stop Signs Used For?

Stop signs are used to assign right of way and reduce accidents at intersections.

Stop Signs are not Always Warranted

Because stop signs cause a substantial inconvenience to motorists, they should only be installed where traffic conditions meet engineering warrants.

Unwarranted stop signs unnecessarily increase congestion, commute time, fuel consumption, and noise and air pollution.  The proliferation of unwarranted stop signs contributes to the disrespect of all stop signs and promotes "rolling stops".

Who to Contact for Stop Sign Installation

All requests will be directed to the Traffic Engineering Section.  A Traffic Investigator will arrange for the collection of data necessary to thoroughly evaluate the proposed intersection.

Additional Information

For additional information concerning stop signs, how to request a stop sign or for stop sign maintenance:  Call 311 or 875-4311 or send an email to​​.