Traffic Count Program

Traffic Count ProgramThe Sacramento County Department of Transportation's Traffic Count Program collects data regarding the number of vehicles that travel various county roads.  Traffic counts are collected utilizing pneumatic hose counters, traffic signal detector loops or by staff field observations. 

How Often Are Counts Taken?

There are approximately 1200 traffic counts completed yearly. The Department of Transportation makes 24 hour counts at 825 locations, 24 hour approach counts at 250 locations, and special counts at 125 locations as determined by the Traffic Engineering Section.

How is This Information Used?

The Department of Transportation uses 24 hour counts at 370 pre-designated locations to generate a yearly Traffic Flow Map. These maps are available for purchase from the Cashier's Office located at 827 7th Street. Each year, the data collected is used by the Traffic Engineering Section to evaluate the need for road improvements, traffic signal installations, traffic signal modifications, guard rail installations, flashing beacon installations and bike and pedestrian projects. The Department of Transportation also provides state and local transportation agencies with traffic count information for congestion management and highway performance monitoring.

Traffic Counts Database

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For additional information contact:

Tim Stevens, Senior Civil Engineer
Phone: 916-874-7281