Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee

Committee Purpose

The purpose of this Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee (SacBAC) is to serve as an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors and on matters relating to overseeing the implementation of the Sacramento County Bicycle Master Plan (SCBMP) adopted April 2011. The SacBAC will also review and discuss current bicycling issues and advise the Board as appropriate with respect to these issues; determine the need for​ and oversee​ the preparation of periodic updates to the SCBMP, and present the updates to the Board for consideration and adoption. The SacBAC annually submits a status report to the Board on the status of bikeway implementation, development of the bicycling programs  recommended by the SCBMP, and other bicycling issues addressed by the Committee during the report period. Learn more about the Sacramento County bikeways.

Active Transportation Plan

The Draft Active Transportation Plan is ready...tell us what you think!

Over the spring and summer we gathered feedback on the kinds of walking, biking, and rolling infrastructure that you want to see in your community. We’ve put all of that information together into the Draft Active Transportation Plan, which outlines next steps and priorities for the County to implement safe walking, biking, and rolling infrastructure and program.

The Draft Plan will be available for comment through Sunday, November 14th.

If you are unable to use the interactive PDF tool you can download the PDF for offline reading and provide comment using the “Contact Us” box at the bottom of the website, email, or call (916) 875-4769.
For more information, visit:  

Committee Members

The SacBAC will be comprised of seven members, each appointed by the Board of Supervisors, which may remove any member appointed at any time.

Committee Members

Sue Schooley (Chair)

Jack Wursten (Vice-Chair) 

Robert Goss  

Vacancy ​

​Thomas Cassera ​  

Dave Comerchero   

Pat Perez    

​Date Appointed









There is currently one (1) vacancy on the Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee at this time.

Boards, Commissions and Committees

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Download the Sacramento County application for the SacBAC.

Original applications** must be filed with:
The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
700 H Street, Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA 95814

**Copies, faxes and emails will not be accepted for filing
Committee Meetings

The BAC meets at least quarterly or more often as warranted. Dates and duration will be determined by committee. 

Four members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those present shall be required for the County BAC to take action. The County BAC shall serve an advisory function only and its recommendations shall neither be final nor binding upon the Board. 

Next Meeting

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, or as designated by the committee. See the calendar below.
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm ***

Sacramento County Department of Transportation 
Maintenance & Operations, Highway Assembly Room,
4100 Traffic Way
Sacramento, CA 95827

***SacBAC meetings will not be held in 4100 Traffic Way, Sacramento, Highway Assembly Room as originally scheduled, in light of Governor Newsom's State of Emergency declaration regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and in accordance with Executive Order N-25-20. The meeting will be conducted via teleconference. Committee members will also participate in the meeting from individual remote locations, which is in accordance with the Governor's Executive Order. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting remotely via teleconference. See agenda for dial in information.

2021 Calendar Meeting Dates:  (Third Wednesday of Every Other Month) - All meetings will be held via teleconference only until health conditions permit a return to in-person gathering.

January 20
March 17 moved to March 24
May 19
July 21
August 25
September 15
November 3
December 15

2022 Calendar Dates

January 19
March 16
May 18
July 20
September 21
November 16

The meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Requests for documents in accessible formats, interpreting services, assistive listening devices, or other accommodations should be made through the County Disability Compliance Office at (916) 874-7642 or (916) 874-7647 (TTY/TDD), no later than five working days prior to the meeting.

*Ad hoc meetings can be scheduled as well, in addition to the every other month. All meeting notifications can be found on this website.


December 15, 2021​Agenda​Minutes​Agenda Packet
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​December 4, 2018



​BAC Communications

For more information on the BAC contact: 

Mikki McDaniel, Bicycle and Transit Coordinator
Phone: 916-875-4769